Circumstances of the life of a Gentleman.

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Yves, Sydney, 22
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might drown.

"In man creature and creator are united: in man there is not only matter, shred, excess, clay, mire, folly, chaos; but there is also the creator, the sculptor, the hardness of the hammer, the divinity of the spectator, and the seventh day—do you understand this contrast?"

- Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil (via youngfolksociety)

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♥Kiko Mizuhara

To be in love.

I have never felt this before. And always romanticise it more than I should have. It kinda scares me not having experience anything close to it. I question my capabilities of this experience. I honestly can say I don’t quite or am not healthily in love with myself yet. Is that sad. I don’t think I’m ready to be in love. I don’t know if I will ever love myself either. I continue to make the wrong decisions and destroy myself at the end of it: physically, spiritually and mentally. My anxiety attacks occur more frequently now and distracting myself is becoming more difficult. They say when you love yourself you will be happy but I truly haven’t been able to do this. Maybe someone could see me in that way and I can truly feel unconditional love. I know there’s familial love… But I’m talking about that other sort. I know I sound pathetic right now but seeing it in writing kinda lays it all out. Rationalises it. For now I just have to ignore this I guess. Maybe it’s just all in my head again, making my own problems.

"I’ve been lonely for a long time now, hoping anyone who I perceive as better than me will scoop me up on a night kite rescue mission and love me so hard that I can finally forget about this feeling left over from all the years my blood was boiling. Dear Gravel, it doesn’t work like that. If anyone ever loves you that hard, hard as you’ve been dreaming, chances are you will not believe them
until you accept yourself."

- Buddy Wakefield, Start (via andreagoldston)